Deepcore Drilling has the range of capabilities and experience to meet the needs of customers, from short hole production drilling through to more complex drilling programs that includes holes in excess of 2000m with multiple intersections.


Remote Exploration Drilling HP

Remote Exploration Drilling
(Heli Portable)

  • Boart Longyear LF70
  • Boart Longyear LF130
Surface Exploration Drilling

Surface Exploration Drilling

  • Deepcore 800D
  • Hydrapower 800
  • UDR 900
  • UDR 2200
  • McCullochs DR950
Boart Longyear MDR700 Mobile Drill

Underground Diamond Drilling

  • Boart Longyear MDR700 Mobile Drill
  • Deepcore 800E
  • Boart Longyear LM90
  • Boart Longyear LM90 DCi