Deepcore Drilling has a complete range of underground and surface drilling and ancillary equipment designed to undertake a range of complex drilling programs to meet the needs of our clients.


Innovative Acoustic Shed

The award-nominated, Deepcore Acoustic Shed is our latest innovative design and custom construction, addressing the sound and visual amenity needs of a project. This dramatically reduces the amount of sound that is made by a drilling rig during a 24-hour operation.

Portable and Easily Constructed

The shed is totally flat-packed and easily transported from location to location, clipped together with minimal fasteners ensuring fast installation. Easily installed in both rural and urban terrain, accommodating slopes and unstable surfaces, the shed can be installed and fully functional in less than one day, with minimal impact to the local environment.

Environmental Benefits

The Acoustic Shed has allowed clients to benefit from a reduction in the visual and environmental impact on the community and the environmental stakeholders.

Achieving 24-hours a day, 7-days a week drilling in areas that might not have previously been possible.

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With the recent addition of new fleet of next generation underground coring mobile drill rigs (Boart Longyear MDR700) now in operation, we have the capability to deliver distinct drilling advantages that makes it stand out from any other mobile drill rig, including:

  • Onboard rod handling; reducing the risk of hand and back injuries associated with handling rods

  • Multi-mode four-wheel steering; saving time moving from hole-to-hole as it has an agile Manitou diesel-powered four-wheel drive carrier

  • The design of the integrated positioner and turntable of the wide-angle drill offers extremely wide drilling angles and impressive reach to make positioning and drilling a series of holes easier – drilling 270 degrees horizontally and vertically

  • The MDR700 drill control interface (DCI) provides semi-automation and a fully electronic interface to safely and efficiently operate both the rod handler and drill